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Give Me That Old Tyme Religion

13 Jun


During a recent iTunes indulgence, I was recommended a new artist I was unfamiliar with. (Those algorithms are good). Well I took a listen, and I found myself liking. His name… Hugo, short for Hugo Chakrabongse Levy signed by Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation in 2010 and soon dubbed the label’s “gangster rocker“.

Hugo was first discovered by Jay-Z’s sig-nif, Beyonce, back in 2010 when Hugo’s writing partner, Amanda Ghost, was simultaneously working with Beyonce on I Am Sasha Fierce. Check out his interview with Rolling Stone at SXSW.

As Hugo himself puts it,

“I’m trying to make rock & roll in the age of hip-hop. A complete thought in 3 minutes and 30 seconds, that’s the challenge. A song is a planet with gravity and atmosphere and things living in it. An album is a solar system. All songs on this album are about two things; love and fear.”

In an age of house music and electronic dominated sound waves, I find Hugo’s talent refreshing and his sound awakening. Check out my favorite tracks off his debut album, Old Tyme ReligionAnd rock on.