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With Radicalflow, Now Anyone Can Build an App

4 Aug

I was blown away by the idea of a brand new startup, Radicalflow when I first read about it on Mashable.  It’s one of the most innovative startup ideas I’ve heard in a while. Imagine you have a great idea for an app, but realize you have no way of building it. You don’t know how to code, and you realize you will need developers, product designers, possible Facebook integration, GPS capability, approval from apple… the list goes on and on.

Introducing Radicalflow, the brilliant web based tool that allows you to build iPhone/iPad apps without knowing how to code. No technical skills required. Using a dashboard, users design the interface and the user experience of the entire app. Submit, and RadicalFlow handles all the backend heavy lifting. Radicalflow supports over 75 API’s allowing users to create their own content, host it ,and all of it’s data on Radicalflow’s servers. What’s even better? Once finished, RadicalFlow even has a platform to publish your product without having to obtain an Apple developers account.

The company says, “It is not a template where you make cookie cutter apps.  Think of it like opening Photoshop or Powerpoint with a blank slate ready for your creative input.”

Unfortunately RadicalFlow only raised $20,171 of the pledged $75,000 needed to get their Kickstarter project off the ground. Their Twitter has also been pretty quiet since mid July. I hope these guys decide to raise a round of funding because Radicalflow is what technology is all about… Enabling and empowering people to do things they never dreamed they could do.

I’ll be keeping tabs.