Barack On

23 Sep

ImageIt’s been a great two weeks for President Obama since the Democrats were able to fire up their base in Charlotte at the DNC.  Before the DNC, things seemed a bit glum. I felt that all I was reading about were attacks from the right, and Clint Eastwood and his chair. What amazed me about the DNC was the difference in discourse compared to the RNC. The RNC was a whole lot of criticism and attacks on the President. There was little talk of specific plans of how Romney would lead differently, and what his policies would be if elected. It was an all-out verbal assault on President Obama.  The left took a much different approach, and I think it worked in their advantage. The left’s band together-we need to keep fighting-the President isn’t finished yet rhetoric seemed to get people really fired up.

 Since the DNC, The President has surged in the polls. He is currently ahead in the Gallup, Reuters, FTI Consulting, NY Times, and Rasmussen polls. Obama also currently holds leads in 12 Swing States such as Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Nevada, Wisconsin and New Mexico. 

The good news for Obama kept coming this week. On Thursday, the NY Times published an article stating that Obama raised twice as much as Mitt Romney in checks under $200 in September. Although the Romney campaign has more cash on hand, ($130.0m for the dems, $191.0m for repubs) Barack Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said Monday that 1.1 million donors had given an average of $58, with more than 317,00 donors giving for the first time. 

 It shinned a bright light on modern day politics, that despite Citizens United (which I believe is one of the most detrimental things to happen to 21st century politics) the voices of American’s are being heard. Are you listening Koch brothers?  Can you hear that justice?

I hope Dems across the U.S. are as excited as I am. I feel ignited after the DNC. With only 45 days left until Election Day, it’s go time. I volunteer with my local Obama campaign office, and it is so inspiring to be surrounded by fellow Obama supporters, and be a part of the President’s reelection efforts. If you’re interested in getting involved check out to find out how you can help.  And regardless of party, please make sure you, your friends, and family vote this November.

 Four more years baby!!




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